Introduction to the Forums

Introduction to the Forums

Postby jdp » Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:23 pm

Welcome to the UrbanWaterways online Forums!

The Forums have been designed to provide a freely accessible communication tool for people and/or groups in Christchurch to discuss topics, issues or interests relating to the local waterways.

With increasing awareness and perspectives toward the broad and integrated relationships the waterways have with the wider urban environment, comes the need to increase dialogue between the community.
Greater community awareness of the processes involved within the local environment will (hopefully) result in reduced contaminants and pollution of the waterways through changing individual personal habits. These personal changes are in line with a greater appreciation of Sustainable Living approaches. Increased awareness may increase community involvement in such activities as ecological monitoring, and rehabilitative efforts such as planting days.
So, the Team here at UrbanWaterways want to promote as much talk as we can!

How can you help? Easy! The first step - being active and discussing the topics!

Feedback from users of the Forums is greatly appreciated! We would like to know of any suggestions or comments you may have in regards to the operation of the Forums.
You can easily do this by posting in the "Feedback" topic, or by sending a Personal Message (PM) to a member of the UrbanWaterways team.

The Team at UrbanWaterways
John Paterson
Researcher, UrbanWaterways Team
Department of Geography
University of Canterbury
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